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Re: Ressource colection % based on players population and contestation !

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Roughly how effective is the resource gain from fighting? Is it enough to give someone a few handouts or is it enough to sustain them regardless of the rest of the continental situation?

Is the resource gain from fighting limited to the resource type offered by the territory being contested or are all resources awarded?
Plan right now is you gain resources based on the region you're fighting in. One of the main objectives is to allow you to sustain a fight when you're 0-based on the continent. You won't be cashing any fat checks, but ideally you'll be able to keep yourself equipped in vehicles, etc., when you're assaulting a region that gives you lots of resources. It also makes it so it's not an all-or-nothing thing with winning and losing, if you are participating actively in a defense or an assault, regardless of the result, you'll get some benefit for being involved, especially if it's a large scale battle.
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