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Re: Ressource colection % based on players population and contestation !

Originally Posted by Higby View Post
Resource gain is split between things like actively fighting (i.e. more active fights with more going on will always get you more resources) as well as dividends from the territory your empire owns. So, this sort of takes care of itself! In a big fight, you'll get large rewards - win or lose, once the dust settles the empire that wins will continue to get base resources for that region, but the folks that participated in the battle will be getting a lot more up front.
This sounds like a really cool system. I just hope there are some measures in place to reward the people who leave a big fight to stop back-hacks and rogue forces.

Either way, I'm excited to hear that players will generally be encouraged to head straight for the biggest fights. While some of the most memorable Planetside experiences are simple last minute hotdrops and drawn-out tower cap scenarios, the massive fights are what is really going to bring in new players in droves.
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