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Server merg?

So is it about time they did another merger? Playing this game during peak hours is really the only way to enjoy the scale that this game has to offer. Even then servers are only at medium load.Which means during peak hours you only see a few 1 to 12 fights, a few 12 to 24 fights and a couple 24 to 48 and 48+ fights.

I dont know about you ,but i would like to enjoy this game at all hours day, and not just for 4 hours a night.With the lack of content ,and meta we have seen the population drop like the stock market crash of 1929,and I doubt it will recover.Nobody is coming back to play this game because SOE released a new gun,camo,hood ornament ,or helmet ,and we wont see hossin, battle islands, continental lattice and ,meta until 2015.I think its about that time.
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