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Wink Naval stuff and Marines

I see that if we enlarged the continents with half as much as its actual size is pretty good,why?
Well,the game has an extreme lack of naval stuff so I think there should be varieties of sea vehicles like Jet skis which are like the Flash (ATV) moreover,we can make speedboats and they should be fast like the harrasers in addition to some unique frigates and battleships (AP,AV and AA) and I suggest that they should differ from one faction to another.
If people used these three main elements (Land,sea and air)so I am quiet sure that they won't suffer from long distances due to map enlargement.

As for the sunderer,we can add more systems in it like making it as an amphibious vehicle or even can be deployed in the sea.

Also,to ensure that we have classes for sea battles so how about a seventh one,The Marine.He should be able to swim faster and destroy ships by C4.His weapons might be the Carbines like the light Assault.
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