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Re: Account wide progression instead of per character.

Originally Posted by Sifer2 View Post
But it is undeniably cheapened when deep down you know you could hop sides tomorrow. But when your stuck with your Empire. Then loyalty takes on a whole new meaning. I see nothing wrong with people who like alts just making alts on other servers to fulfill their needs.
yeah I don't see that. Doesn't cheap the experience at all. I mean in the current game you can switch characters and the delay makes it not worth it, but the option is there. This is especially true for beginners that have no clue who they want to play.

I hate games that lock you into arbitrary choices when you begin playing. X, Y, Z. Start playing Y and you end up wanting to play as X on that server and know you'll need to delete your character and start from scratch. This is especially painful if you have friends that don't play the same faction as you. I have friends that play VS with me and other that switch constantly between TR and VS and I fear they'll just play TR if locked into a choice so we won't be able to play on the same side.
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