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Re: Meaningful Customization & Balance via Tradeoff Decisions

Originally Posted by Raymac View Post
Malorn, I wanted to come in here and flame you for getting deep into talking about balancing a skill advancement system we know little to nothing about. But after reading it, I realized it's just you expressing your opinion and hopes on what that system may look like.

Personally, I'm waiting to see what these skill trees look like, but there's nothing wrong with discussing and speculating, as long as we don't get to involved with actually emotionally debating balance. There's plenty of time for those arguments later.
Thank you for refraining the flames. We actually know quite a bit about the system from what they've described. Folks are concerned about the power advancement in the system and that's where I'm elaborating a bit more.

They could be doing it exactly as I describe. Or maybe they aren't and they'r emore EVE-skill like where everyone has a constant benefit that they get. Its not too clear yet on which system they're going with so I'm doing what Higby and others asked us to do - give them feedback. The feedback is mainly that we don't like the idea of giving vets power simply becuase they played the game longer, but power itself isn't bad as long as it comes with tradeoffs. That's actually a great thing to encourage specialization and differentiate players.

For example, I might run with a bunch of augments that help with squad leading, providing tank-relevant squad bonuses, and tank driving because I specialize in being a tank platoon leader. Outside of a tank I'm not as great as soeone who specialized full-on infantry. But it gives us each our niches that we can dive into and be unique snowflakes. And of course we can also change those niches when/if we want.
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