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Re: Meaningful Customization & Balance via Tradeoff Decisions

Tradeoffs are going to be what makes this system work.

There is a lot of value in your post Malorn, but I disagree with the notion of a total limit on active talents, in the context of your post.

While I do believe that some limits on the number of active talents would be ok, I think that there should be some categories where they may be active but unused. To clarify, vehicle talents apply when you are in a vehicle, infantry talents apply when you aren't in a vehicle.

In PS1, the ability to transition between vehicular combat and indoors combat had few limitations, Rexo/agile being the one that first comes to mind. If you severely limit the active talents of a soldier they are either going to not get out of their vehicle or feel that they are outclassed the second they step outside.

My assumption is that there will be general infantry skills, weapon skills, armor skills, vehicle general skills, specific vehicle skills and whatever there is for aircraft. Not all of these skills will come into play at any given time because they don't apply. Why limit across the board? Let infantry talents apply when the soldier is on foot and the others as the circumstances dictate.

If you were to go as far as to limit active talents, I would feel better about having active talents available for a soldier's possible roles (Air, infantry, vehicle, universal).

I don't think that having mutually exclusive talents is a bad idea, where if you have a certain talent active, another cannot be active at the same time. Swapping them out should be at least as easy as swapping implants though, if not slightly more. The hard part was the time invested in acquiring those skillpoints, so swapping them once you have acquired them should not be a painful procedure.
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