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Re: Meaningful Customization & Balance via Tradeoff Decisions

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
The feedback is mainly that we don't like the idea of giving vets power simply becuase they played the game longer, but power itself isn't bad as long as it comes with tradeoffs. That's actually a great thing to encourage specialization and differentiate players.

For example, I might run with a bunch of augments that help with squad leading, providing tank-relevant squad bonuses, and tank driving because I specialize in being a tank platoon leader. Outside of a tank I'm not as great as soeone who specialized full-on infantry. But it gives us each our niches that we can dive into and be unique snowflakes. And of course we can also change those niches when/if we want.
Very well said. This ^ is how I really hope it is in the game.

To carry on your example of the tank squad leader, I wouldn't want the trade off to be gimping the tanks, but rather gimping a different aspect of the game (like infantry as you stated). Meaning you should be able to upgrade your tanks rate of fire, but it shouldn't come at the expense of decreasing your tank armor. Rather the cost should be in not putting those upgrade points into something like infantry.

Using a PS1 example from my personal experience might help me explain it better. I fly a Reaver and want to be the best pilot I can, so I cert in Engineering so I can repair my plane in the field, however that meant I didn't have enough certs to get HA. So while I was more effective flying my Reaver, I was at a disadvantage indoors because I didn't have HA. Thats the sort of trade off I want, instead of "well you can increase speed, but it will cost you in accuracy" type of trade off.
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