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Anything that's not American? Nah, I'll stick to my GMC Sierra Hybrid that gets 38 miles to the gallon. Or my wife's chevy volt that gets 696 miles to the recharge/refill since it's an electric/gas hybrid.

You don't have to stop buying American. Because frankly I'm not ashamed of my country.

Plus it helps if you have a telecommuting job like I do.

Home office ftw.
Can you actually BUY an electric GM car yet, or are they still destroying them and stopping people from obtaining one that's really their own even if they wanted one?

Mind, my personal source for this is a lecturer at university, who worked for companies like BMW and Lamborghini. In fact, GM did to the Electric Cars what they did to the US' public transport in the early 20th century: buying it up to make it fail, so the petrol car industry would flourish. It's... incredible really.

Is history repeating? Is there a conspiracy? :P

Red Cars:


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