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Re: PSEmu - PlanetSide Emulator

Really excited for this! The most important thing is just get a working server. Don't worry about excluding or including certain equipment/weapons/vehicles or balancing. When the community (that is bound to form around this project) creates servers and rulesets, that is when we can worry about it. Really looking forward to seeing some prototype stuff (screenshots/videos) or a technical alpha test in the future.

Personally, I've been waiting for someone to do this for years, I'm surprised a public version hasn't been made yet. I'm glad this is going to be accomplished because we all know that PlanetSide 1 won't be online forever. I just hope that we can have an emulator that is capable of replicating the awesome game we all love.

Don't worry about what Daybreak thinks -- Project 1999 didn't either and look at where they are now.
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