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Originally Posted by p0intman View Post
while we have the ability, analysis and research right now.

edit: I may have lost my authenticator. if I did, id have to create a new account. thats fine with me, really.
Yup. Lets do it. I'll be working on getting a tool that can assist in packet capturing and context. Good tooling is the only way I see this getting done efficiently. Hopefully I can get this "tool" in a good state for testing. Research is needed and I have the feeling I need to work fast.

Also, we need a complete list of game features that need their corresponding packet captures. I don't have infinite time to do them, but with your guys' help, we might be able to build a repository of PCAP files that gets the behavior we're looking for.

Originally Posted by p0intman View Post
You know what we need? A website to discuss this more on. I wouldn't trust this website to be a good place to actually get into the details of this undertaking.

Some other stuff we should do: Collect as many screenshots and video of the game, its mechanics and all of that fun stuff. We need to archive it so that when/if we lose our resource for collecting information (PS1 servers inevitably go down) we still have screenshots and footage to go off of with regards to mechanics, and not our memory.

We should also look at archiving as many websites as we can with regards to game information (planetside syndicate, etc) and rehosting it on our own wiki, similar to the SWGEmu scrapbook.
Yeah I didn't expect this to happen so soon, but I feel like this is already needing a website myself. I don't know how to do hosting as anything I can do right now would de-anonomize me. The only reason I care about this is from a legal perspective. Decisions...
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