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Originally Posted by Buggsy View Post
No actually people who have stuck around for 9 years have no idea what is fun. They're the types that grind CR for their I-win buttons and drive the other 90% customers away.

If SONY wants to pander to the 10%, while driving away the other 90%, then by all means enjoy your ghost town of a MMOFPS just like in PS1.

And I think I played for like 6 months, not 4 months.

Darkfall = failboat MMORPG, a greifer's paradise. I told you so, I told you so, ah ah I told you so.

Buff CE, remove CUD abilities completely.
You've played for 6 months, and that gives you the knowledge on how to play a layered game like planetside? l o l.

I'll tell you what, I'll ce a base of my choice, and you have to try and get inside with me defending. I'll go ahead and let you know ahead of time, that it won't happen without an EMP.

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