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Re: Planetside 2 & TrackIR

Looking at all of those titles, I don't see any that are explicitly designed for competitive multiplayer. That's why I don't see Track IR catching on for this sort of game. It's the question of adding in a feature that only a few will be able to use, in addition to a freelook function that developers may not have wanted to put in to begin with.

EDIT: I have been reading these, and, at the risk of bumping this thread again, I'll just edit this in: I'm not a fan of free look while on foot at all - do it with your mouse. I'm a fan of free look for pilots of vehicles that do not have guns. Just because a feature can be put in, doesn't necessarily mean it should. If there's going to be free look, fine, use the damn peripheral; I'll be keeping my money. If there isn't, then this discussion is moot anyway. It's not a question of 'development time' or any of that BS. If SOE wants something done, the devs will get it done regardless of available time.

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