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Originally Posted by Cosmical View Post
Another trait that is all the rage, that people herald as game changing when its really not. Is juxtaposing images with the audio. What i mean is, if you have high action, you put something slow, melodramatic or sad behind it. Or vice versa.

Most famous of which was the splash Gears of War made with its Mad World trailer. And Dead Islands (Brilliant i dont care what anyone says) teaser trailer.

Ide say with the way media is going, audio is as important as visuals, if not more so for what you want to do. You can have 100 hours of game footage, but having a song behind it will actually help you edit, because you will be picking and choosing moments to coincide to its tone.
Watched both and deffo Dead Island: Trailer is horroring but with the clam music it brill, if it had lets say heavy rock it would be "too much"


thanks dude been learning alot about game Ads! this will help me greatly

kinda going off topic here, sorry hamma
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