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Re: So every HA can be an aircraft counter?

No, i don`t want to get kill often and easy by an "unlimited" class, when i fly an aircraft, because of this, i don`t excpet to kill an aircraft unless it acts stupid.

The constant "lock on warning" are a pain in the neck, but if every single player as a real chance to kill you without action stupid, that is bad balance, and i don`t want easy infantry kill, in my opinion infantry AA weapon (except dual aa maxes) should only scare away EA (because of the resource cost), so HA provides protection, but is not the hard counter.

So the argument i just want easy kill, dosn`t really hold, what make you think that? And please consider, that most of the "vehicluars" will also spend alot of time infantry with the spawntimer as it is now.
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