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Re: So every HA can be an aircraft counter?

Originally Posted by ParisTeta View Post
Great that you responded, but i challanged the guys (and girls) who say, Infantry (non MAX) should be hard counter to them.
People have said they should be a soft counter*, but I haven't read anyone that said they should be a hard counter**. Perhaps I missed that post.

*(I define soft counter as something that can, with effort and skill, have a chance at dealing with the threat, but it won't always succeed.)

**(Hard Counters have a large advantage and will almost always win.)

Non-Resource soft counters to resource-based mechanics simply so that resource-based mechanics obviate the ability for the losing side (map-wise) to have a chance at a comeback without having something that makes resource control meaningless.

An Engy in a Fighter (for example) should be able to take on an HA with a rocket launcher, or at the very least, survive, repair, and otherwise be good to go. However, a skilled HA against an unskilled pilot, or several HA in tandem should have a good chance at taking out a single Fighter. It shouldn't only be that AA Lightnings or Fighters are able to take on other Fighters or Air support, because that makes it at best rock paper scissors, and at worst a continuous stomp based on who has the most resources, rather than who has the best strategy/skill (while still giving the advantage to the player with resources).
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