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Re: So every HA can be an aircraft counter?

Originally Posted by ThermalReaper View Post
I know this is thread nerco but I just noticed something. The logical way for an HA loadout is to say, in the VS HA case, Not have the lasher and the AA/AT weapon both at the same time. So it'll probably have a choice to switch out the rocket launcher for the faction heavy weapons. Problem? The HA would probably have the LMG and the Heavy weapon. Wouldn't that give HA too much flexablity?
I am not sure I understand your point here, but I think that currently, the HA get a AV and/or AA weapon and an AI weapon, which is either an LMG or the faction specific weapon. I don't see how this is a problem, as the HA needs a primary weapon to combat infantry, and it's "special" role is destroying vehicles, so it needs tools for that too.

Unless what you are commenting on is the possibility of HA having both an LMG and a faction specific HA weapon, in which I don't see the problem in reduced versatility for the sake of limited additional AI capabilities.
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