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Be all that you can be in the EGO!

Looking for a large, fun, tactical gaming group? Join Edge Gamers! Hundreds of ACTIVE members. Competent, easy to get along with, leadership. We have weekly scheduled ops and events. There are large platoons EVERY day. Squads up almost 24 hours a day so don't worry if you aren't in EST or even the US; plenty of international members who are on at all hours! We also have dedicated event coordinators and stream broadcasters.

In-game Contacts: Vertago, DigitalDJ, TheYeti, Tumblin, LavaTR, ST0RMY, johnny2k, Cablee, ZeakDK, Gizzmo

Outfit: Edgegamers (EGO)
Faction: TR
Server: Waterson


Ventrilo: Port: 29272

History: Edgegamers is a multi-game community that has over 40+ servers for some of todays most popular PC games. Under the OP:X division you'll find the Planetside 2 outfit. For more check out this link:

Note: If you join the outfit you absolutely must sign up on the website using the JOIN HERE link above. This is how we track that players are active. We aren't a large group of in-active players; we pride ourselves on an 81% activity rate. Once you've registered you are required to go here and fill this out: You are also expected to know and adhere to the Code of Conduct:

Thanks and hope to see you in game soon!

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