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Then allow me to amend my niceties.... I want to brush jump-pads under the rug as far as this thread is concerned, I don't really care about jump-pads one way or another, I'd personally rather see fire-escape styled stair cases to have Infantry fire-fights up and down them.

I, here, Want to talk about the naive but conceptual idea of Aircraft Garage/Hangars to give a degree of protection to my aircraft while I land, repair, and resupply. (Disclaimer: I say "Naive" because in all reality things like Hangars or jump pads are kinda small and are on the back-burner when compared to alot of the other big additions, features, and updates we still need/want. Though Hangars would be pretty cool IMO and fun to explore)

I think the biggest downside to Hangars would be the same problem we have with landing pads now. There to small and aircraft always bump, crash, and burn into eachother because there not large enough for more then 2 aircraft and that's being generous if the Pilots know how to share the platform.

Make the Hangar large enough a Gal could fly in and hover and your golden! Mount the Landing Pad above the Hangar, or even double stack it! One ontop of the Hangar, one inside the Hangar! Towers are tall enough, alot of wasted space with the top radio antennas so why can't the Landing Pads be multi-layered?

If anywhere this idea of Aircraft Hangars could be at the very least touched on would be that second level to the Tech-Plant where aircraft fly in and land anyways. I'd rather not see more energy fields because there kinda boring IMO, yeah it's the future 2845 and all that but some construction designs are universal, also more importantly there's a big problem with energy fields as is. They stop rendering at a certain distance allowing Tanks and other nasty long range weapons to shoot clean through and kill the garage/hangar occupants, usually vehicles, very nasty...

Just mount big black iron wall segments into the ribs of the Tech-Plant and leave that center "door" bit open to fly in and out of, flatten out this newly constructed hangar area with a few Landing Pad and you have a simple addition to the game.

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