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No, something far less complex than tic tac toe Warborn.
So they'd be puzzles which have virtually no chance of you being unable to figure out then, yes? And, again, would that really be very entertaining? How long before it becomes monotony? If the puzzle is child-like in its simplicity, it's more an annoyance than engaging and entertaining.

Actually, there's another option. They could make hacking extremely difficult. They could make it so you have to take an actually test before you can even get the cert and give you puzzles as difficult as the one Omega is talking about. You could bring several squads with you to take over a base and if none of your hackers can figure out the puzzle they can't take it over. Just a thought.
You have all these guys who just fought through a bloody battle, all charged with adrenaline, only to find out that none of the Hackers can be the AI at Mahjong. I dunno, it might appeal to a certain group of players, but I can tell you, I'd be pissed if I were on the attacker's team.

And I can say with certainty that challenging puzzles most definitely do not fit the theme of Planetside. You capture a base with 20% tactics, 80% bloodshed. There's no place for puzzle solving ability in a MMOFPS, unless the puzzle is "How do I take out the defenders guarding the stair well leading up to the last control panel?".
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