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Rules 101
Section A
  • Make a deck of a total of 60 Cards (You may repeat all cards besides some cards with special rules)
  • When starting a game pick a Map
  • You each get one base, and one tower
  • All other bases remain Neutral
  • All base abilities apply as in the game

Section B
  • Wall turrets react to Advanced vechicles
  • You can man a wall turret as your turn
  • Wall turret range is the length of the base's SOI in the way it is facing
  • Use the included small tabs with the character names on the cont maps
  • If a character has no items attached to it, he/she does 10 DMG per Turn

Section C
  • Each Player has 100HP
  • Each Player has Armor according to:
    1. Standard-50 Armor
    2. Agile-100 Armor
    3. Reinforced-150 Armor
    4. MAX-650 Armor
  • Range is as follows:
    1. Heavy Assault Guns: 1 CM on Base Map
    2. Spec Assault: 5 CM on Base Map
    3. Med Assault: 6 CM on Base Map
    4. No Item Card: 4 CM on Base Map
    5. Grenades: 3 CM on Base Map

Section D
  • To enter a building run to the door and place your character on one of the other levels
  • Entering a building ends your turn
  • You may shoot each other in buildings
  • Changing levels of buildings does not end your turn
  • Exiting a building ends your turn

Section E
  • You may move up to 3 characters or formations in one turn
  • You may only move characters twice in a row in two turns, then that character must rest for a turn
  • Stamina does not lower when resting your character
  • The characters may ONLY move the set number of Centimeters that the card has specified
  • If you move your characters, you may still use them too attack

Section F
  • To attack simply take your cards (up to three) and place them on the attack mat
  • Your opponent will also pick up to 3 characters to battle with (must be within 10 CM of the closest enemy)
  • Roll a dice for each character you have, sum up the dice rolls, then divide the number you get into 1-3 parts
  • Then Assign each enemy a number. the largest number gets +1 attack on each attack
  • The Medium sized number gets +0 attack, so just use the standard attack number
  • the smallest number gets -1 off the attack

Section G
  • If you die, pick the closest:
    1. AMS
    2. Tower
    3. Base
  • If any implants are on the unit, wait two turns before the implants activate
  • If your character died with any items, they now belong to the enemy that won
  • It will take one turn to get outside from the spawn room it doenst matter what your range character limit is
  • After three turns remove the items from the enemy who stole your items, and place them into your item terminal
  • To buy guns when you spawn you need to have guns in your item terminal.

Section H
  • At the begining of every turn you draw a card
  • The cards you draw insert into your hand
  • If you get any item cards you can put them in your item terminal

Section I
  • To get a vechicle place the vechicle card in your discard pile and then go to the closest vechicle terminal
  • When you get to the closest vechicle terminal, you may get your vechicle
  • When you get your Vechicle, Take your vechicle card out of the discard pile and place it back into your hand. you may use this card again in 5 turns.

Section J
  • To win the game, capture...
    1. The whole continent
    2. A mainly focused base
    3. Acertain number of bases
  • What you play depends on the length of the game you want.

I think thats it for rules...i might modify the rules at a later time

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