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I haven't played this game since beta.

I was thinking about getting a trial and seeing if the developers pulled their heads out of their asses yet and stoped trying to sabatoge what they've done right.

the answer is pretty clear.

in beta surge + cycler was my favorite way to play. There's nothing superfantastically overpowered about that whatsoever. It's just a WAY to play. Just like you can cert in any other variety of things and kick my ass.

now apparently they've got some lag problem (HOW? you've got less players then ever sheesh) and the answer is throw surge out the window? I know no one has gotten more (deserved?probably) flaming in the history of devs then the planetside team... but wow. just when I finally thought I'd put enough distance where you would have HAD to come to your senses and finally relented to stop making the game stupider...

ah well, saves me a gig download.

and as always the enigma remains... such a beautiful core to a game... continually ripped apart into less and less. hopefully someone will take this model one day and make a real mmofps that we can all be proud of.
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