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My main concern is this: If all you have is a shotgun and AV, and your enemy is firing at you from over 300 feet with an assault rifle, what are your options? You can run away and more then likely be shot in the back and killed, or you could trudge forward in your rexo, weapon drawn, moving slow as hell, just to get shot on your way over. Or, you could keep your weapon holstered, use surge, run as fast as hell right up to your opponent, and get blasted point blank because you don't have time to turn off surge then draw your weapon and even fire one shot. There honestly must be a better solution. No, I can't tell you what it is, but I can tell you it's not my job to fix it, so that really doesn't matter now does it?

This was just one of the examples of how this effects gameplay in a negative way. The ACE+Infilsurge is another one. And yes, I know there are also positives to this, and very good ones at that, I won't argue. But in a massive game like PlanetSide, when you make changes, the positives better outweigh the negatives by a lot more then what they do with this decision.
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