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What person uses surge defensively?
Me. I am at my best in open field combat, outside of bases. Surge gets you from cover to cover quickly, buys distance from HA users, and gets you away from maxes that get the jump on you.

My main concern is this: If all you have is a shotgun and AV, and your enemy is firing at you from over 300 feet with an assault rifle, what are your options?
Join a squad and have a partner with an MA rifle with you. Seriously though, if you play by yourself, you really shouldn't have a shotgun in an open ground situation like that. That's just a bad tactical choice on your part(no offense). The only time I pull out a sweeper is in base and tower assaults.

I will like this surge fix, since I rarely use surge in close quarters situations. When I do, I never jump anyway as I like to keep as much stamina as possible.

And if some of the top players that use warping/surge to get their kills quit, no matter their empire, good. Means I'll just move up the ranks more, and boost my low SELF ESTEEM CUZ I WAS BEAT UP IN SCHOOL PLZ DON'T HIT ME ANYMORE OMFG. >_<
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