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Originally Posted by Madcow View Post
C'mon. Sony has long done the bare minimum and now it looks like that's biting them. The way they're bleeding cash right now I wouldn't be overly surprised if ultimately this kills PS:N, although I hope I'm wrong. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see them shift whatever resources they have to the new Everquest since that's their prize property.

Sorry to say, but SOE got exactly what it deserves. Its been well known that they like to hire in very talented people.. then screw em after they delivered their golden egg and cut as many corners as possible for profit.

Remember folks Planetside was created by VERANT Interactive, then Sony came into the picture and look what happened to games since then under their watch. Planetside was going strong, then the original designers "left" and was kinda kicked around the house a little bit till someone that fit within SOE's salary threshhold really cared for it.

SWG.. don't get me started.

EQ.. the most classic was releasing expansions where folks got to parts of the content that were literally empty gray worlds because they were not even FINISHED yet after it was sealed, put on shelves and purchased.

Don't take my word for it... do some google searches.
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