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Re: A new Hardcore Mode/Server thread.

Its good idea. Half the people in EVE just want a PVE game, and hate the harsh pvp mechanics. The other half think all the PVP stuff is amazing. A third half prefers one or the other and deals with it.

I'm a fan of alternate ruleset servers. Why piss off all players with a compromise gameplay? Have a couple servers for major archetypes.

I concede it is easier to do with a lot of subscriptions. A game like wow or eq in its prime had no issues with splitting off alternate ruleset servers because they had to have many servers anyway. If PS somehow manages to acquire that level of popularity, then it would be fine.

I doubt the server populations will be enough to support many extra servers though. Instead I support the idea of alternate environment continents. Why have the same gameplay on all the maps? Bring in different, alien environments with very different properties and balances and available equipment.

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