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Re: A new Hardcore Mode/Server thread.

You can think what you want of me. My opinion just so happens to be the opposite of yours. How about we just get one version of this game out first? Having multiple versions of a MMOFPS meant for huge battles with numerous servers in one region sounds like it will kill the population and leave people confused as to what kind of game PS2 even is.

You are wrong on balancing as well. It is one thing for ONE dev team to handle balancing one MMOFPS with three factions having empire specific weaponry on top of common pool. Then taking those weapons and tweaking them for several different versions of the game just adds way more testing to the game. That is a waste of resources. Hell one unique weapon may make sense for one version, but is impossible to apply to another. I just do not see this working. At least in the standard FPS you can actually switch between servers regardless of what kind it is.

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