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Originally Posted by Brusi View Post
People need to be taught to avoid friendly damage almost as much as people need to learn not to shoot through their mates.

I mean, gawd sake... i want it to punish players that zig-zag in front of you, or into friendly crossfires or run down the centre of a hallway in a base or into an nme CY and get hit by the friendly Flail that has been bombarding the same spot for 20mins!

Oh, well.
They sort of do that for vehicles where getting run over gives you grief points as well as the driver. I'm sure there's a way to work that sort of thing into infantry combat. I agree that running in front of people and causing them to get grief is dumb and is itself a form of griefing. Its harder to get right hough, which is probably why they avoided it.

It also has the potential for abuse. If for example I got my entire platoon to kill someone once the platoon would get very little grief, but the player we killed would get more. In fact, we could drive someone to weaponslock that way. While running someone over in a vehicle it's a lot harder to organize things that way. So the vehicle grief works but infantry grief...not so much.

I would like to see some way for that accountability to stick though, but it just has so much abuse potential. There's ways to curb it but its hard.
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