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Originally Posted by FIREk View Post
Free to play,
Premium account (monthly payment of $10-$15) giving 100% faster skill training, 50% more Battle Rank XP and maybe a discount on vanity items,
Microtransaction store with pretty or practical stuff that doesn't give a significant advantage (so anything from customization items to weapon scopes/silencers, normally unavailabla in the game).

I'm pretty sure this will be good enough, depending on how much customization will be realistically possible in PS2. At least it won't scare away the FPS gamers (not used to paying subscriptions).

Do you really think a primarily free-to-play model would be able to suffice a game like PS2, sure it can work for a game like LoLs, but an MMO like PS2, in which they've stated they will have a dedicated hack watching team? I don't know if that model's been tested enough to want to test it on the success of PS2 personally. And with a premium sub like you're talking about next to it (which I bet only a small percentage of players would go for) ppl might just sub it for a few months to rush skills up, and then cut it off after reaching a comfortable level in a couple classes.
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