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Originally Posted by basti View Post
Once and for all: Box price as usual, common Sub per month, Micro transactiosn for cosmetic items.

Free 2 play or whatever = no game for me. Once you actually played enough F2P games, you know why.
Agreed, everytime i see free to play, I get turned off and lose interest.

The free to play crap is total bs, cause its not really free. You get nickel and dimed to death, and its usually pay to win.

I'll take a dual model. Let em get the basic stuff for free, slow xp/training up or whatever, let em buy the micro vanity junk. But also give us a premium sub model. Let me have full speed xp/levelin and most things free, with some free cash per month to spend on the micro store for the non free items. However, honestly, if im payin full price for the game + monthly sub, you should just give me most everything for free. At 15 bux you are gettin as much money from a full price game every 3 months since retailers arent takin their cut from the game. Seems like a good deal. Dont try to make me pay subs/full game and then still expect more micro's.

I wont play completely f2p micro trans multiplayer games, seen quite a few games that looked great and i was goin to buy until i saw the micro crap, never gave em a second look after that.

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