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Re: Making this work

I think the game should $40-$60 dollars right off the bat.

After that you have three options for playing:

1. Free-to-play, but instituted like reserves in PlanetSide 1. You can get to BR6 but no further and can train those skills offline etc like everyone else, but no going past BR6 till you upgrade.

2. Monthly sub, $5-$10 monthly subscription. $15 is a bit high for an FPS, and I think it would deter people. Once you subscribe, you can pass BR6. If you unsubscribe past BR6 you can't play that character, you have to play another BR6 you have.

3. Hour purchase. APB did this in the beginning and I think its a good model. You can purchase say 40 hours of in-game play time for like $15 or something. Before you get all critical, this sounds like a low amount of time for us hard core PS players that spent well over 40 hours a month playing the game, however as previously stated, not everyone plays enough in one month to justify a monthly fee. Therefore these types of people can purchase a set of hours for some money and play whenever they get time. A lot of guys only log on during the weekends or for an hour or so every night. This would cater to them. Of course price per hour could be discussed.

That concludes the options for playing PlanetSide, and of course include the micro-transaction shop for cosmetic/convenience stuff for additional income.
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