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Re: Welcome Back - We want your feedback!

great work, guys!

thanks to all involved in psu for putting so much love into the community!
using firefox and found no major problems so far.
the picture on the homescreen could be a little smaller, but that has already been mentioned.

to all the retarded vs who want purple on this side: check the official ps2 site! psu now has a very similar color scheme and this just feels right as it is!
when i opened psu today, at first i thought i clicked something wrong and went to the official ps2 site.

i love the new clean look without the hundrets of links cluttered at the top! had to look for some things first, but it´s very intuitive and everything seems to be where it is supposed to be on a modern site!

and congratulations on holding your own deadline! psu has its new design before beta started! too bad the post-count will drop extremely for the closed beta time. but when beta is over, psu will once again be the only place for any serious planetside player! ready for the future!

edit: just found something i would like to see improved.
your pic viewer had the nice option to click on the pic to get the fullsize view. i would like to have this feature on the pic-library. example: when i click on the twitter lib in the homescreen-pictureframe i want to be able to see the pics in there at maximum size. but i can only open the pics in small overlay windows.
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