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Re: So every HA can be an aircraft counter?

In PS1 the problem with lock-on weapons is that when, in my sparrow Max, I get a lock-on, it takes nothing more than for a tree limb to break the lock and then I have to wait like 3 seconds again to lock-on which, when engaging fighters that can go 100KPH+, is a long time to wait.

Then the missiles, if you locked-on, would travel straight at a target which meant all they had to do was fly behind a hill and the missiles would impact the hill.

All this combined meant that only the high-flying and slow moving aircraft, or those dumb enough to just sit in the open, were the only ones to really get shot down.

Now add in flares/chaff and the only truly effective way to clear the skies might be flak cannons and other aircraft.
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