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Re: Resource System Proposal: Feedback Requested

They have just updated the Roadmap - Resources Revamp thread.

We've posted some updated details on the resource revamp coming soon on the Roadmap, what do you think?

Our primary goal for re-addressing the resource system is to make sure it does a better job making resources drive the combat taking place, make sure they have real strategic value, and generally have more meaning than they have currently.

This is a relatively complicated system - you know, a lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-you's. I've done my best to try and distill the essence of a 25 page design document down into something more easily digestible, so these are just the broad strokes of the plan we're currently mulling over.
  • Resources are reduced to a single currency and acquisition timers are removed.
  • Inventory for infantry items is removed - changed to pay on use
  • Individual Bases/Facilities supply Resources for local players
  • Bases/Facilities have a power level that is drained by providing resources to local players
    • There is a passive power regen to offset the cost of small skirmishes and to restore full power when no combat is taking place.
    • Full powered bases provide more resources than low powered ones
    • The more players being given resources, the faster the power drain
  • Addition of Auraxium Crystals/Mines as a power source
    • These are resource nodes added in between facilities
    • Vehicles fitted with appropriate equipment can load up auraxium at these nodes
    • This auraxium can be transported to a base to manually refill it’s power reserves
  • When a base is totally out of power, no resources are provided to the friendly troops in the area. This allows the attacker cut off entrenched defenders from using resources if they can keep supply vehicles from breaking their blockade
There's still a lot of other little nuances and details but I think that gives a decent overall picture. It's a pretty significant departure from the current system - do you think this plan would make resources a more interesting component of the game? Does it go too far? Let us know.

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