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Re: Resource System Proposal: Feedback Requested

Just saw this linked in the IRC channel also. Their plan is one of the more flawed strategies. That is a supply line system ruled by the lowest denominator of players. It will be interesting to see their solutions to the issues.

Originally Posted by JGood
Resources are reduced to a single currency and acquisition timers are removed.
Malorn hinted at this before. Seems to be the general plan in most resource systems.

Originally Posted by JGood
Inventory for infantry items is removed - changed to pay on use
Not sure what this means. Do they mean players with 3 proxy mines will be charged when they lay them down or when they spawn with them? Seems odd in the former case as it would say you have say 3 if you only have resources to place 2.
Originally Posted by JGood
Bases/Facilities have a power level that is drained by providing resources to local players
So the zerg will drain the base and skilled players will hate them. Where's the player's responsibility in this model? This has been discussed to death during the metagame Reddit threads with tons of issues.
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