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Originally Posted by Sirisian View Post

Not sure what this means. Do they mean players with 3 proxy mines will be charged when they lay them down or when they spawn with them? Seems odd in the former case as it would say you have say 3 if you only have resources to place 2.

So the zerg will drain the base and skilled players will hate them. Where's the player's responsibility in this model? This has been discussed to death during the metagame Reddit threads with tons of issues.
I would imagine that mines slots will be "reserved" with resources it costs. Meaning you will only be able to use the grenades you have resources for, you will no longer be able to store up to max and still have resources to buy more.

And yea, the zerg will drain it fast, but the player's responsibility is to resupply (like ANT runs in PS1). Some people made it their life's work to resupply NTUs. If the EXP is good enough, then this will be the same in PS2.

yea it has tons of issues, but is much simpler to implement than your more complex, but far superior ideas. Good read by the way. I haven't made it through all of it, but I'm enjoying it so far.
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