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Re: Resource System Proposal: Feedback Requested

Originally Posted by DirtyBird View Post
I liked the current method of banking your resources for infantry use and cant say that like the idea of this new proposal.

Does it mean I have unlimited access to infantry resource items until the reserve is drained.
Could a group/zerg stand there lobbing nades at nothing chewing up resources and manipulate the power levels.

Does the power level affect the capture of the base/facility, as in its the new capture method or it works in conjunction with current capture/SCU timers.

If the new bases we see on the likes of Esamir are completely walled in with extrememy limited vehicle access (if any), how do we get the auraxium supply vehicles into the base.
I dont think Esamir was redesigned with this change in mind and thats taken months to get where it is.

How the resource bonus will work on the Boosts/Membership.
A group could affect the power levels some, by lobbing nades, but it only goes so far as each individual is given resources by the base, one group couldn't deplete the entire base, but they do have an affect on it.

The power level is described as how much resources the base has and in turn how much it can give to the people in the base. It doesn't seem to be like in PS1 where you could deplete a base of power and it would go neutral to cut the lattice link, but I can't say for certain that's not a possiblity. It simply is stated that low/no power bases don't provide as much resources to the people at the base.

Think of it this way, you have x power that is split between 12 people defending a base. Say 12 more people come to the base, then the power is split between 24 people, so each person is half as powerful (in terms of how much resources they get), but there are twice as many people. Which strategy is best, having a large group that can spread the power around or a small group that is a bit more powerful? Kinda depends on how long the seige is going to be and how big the opposing force is. And how long it will take you to resupply depending on how fast you're draining the base.

It really brings in the dynamic of seige warfare and supply lines. Cut the supply and you cripple the army.
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