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Question Rocket Launcher: Annihilator or R3 Swarm?

I would like to unlock a rocket launcher that will be useful against both vehicles and aircraft.

Frankly i don't like having a rocket launcher that can not lock or requires me to guide it.

As far as i can see only the NS Annihilator and NS R3 Swarm can lock onto both air and ground vehicles (but no dumb fire).

I tested both out in the virtual training map and they both look rather okay for the job.

Annihilator is simple and does its job without any complications.

R3 Swarm requires time to fire its 3 rockets during which i must keep a lock active, but overall it does more damage and the two velocity settings seem rather useful depending on the distance and speed of your target.

It also seems easier to curve the rockets trajectory with the slow velocity R3 Swarm, which the Annihilator can not do.

What do you more experienced PS2 players think of these two rocket launchers and their comparison?
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