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Re: Werner - Nostalgia

Originally Posted by Apone View Post
Watch out for The Vanu Generals coming back once more!
I have to admit that there were quite a few VS players who were nice guys and good players, so I hope they don't make the same mistake twice and go purple again. I don't know what the future brings, but personally I'd really like to play together with some old 'foes' from VS and TR this time around.

Or maybe the world would end, if for example Longshanks joined the Mercenarys and played together with Braveheart .. I don't know.

I think I have forgotten most base names and quite a few other things about the first Planetside, but somehow I still remember hundreds of names of players who made an impression on me (whether good or bad) in the game so many years ago.

- KD, Mercenarys
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