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Re: Why have a tournament with an unfinished product?

Originally Posted by Miir View Post
Ok... mind you these are my opinions.

If I wanted my game to be taken seriously on the eSports/competitive scene I would likely want any event to have some legitimacy. Having an unfinished product takes away from that legitimacy by allowing current game issues to potentially affect the outcome of the competition. Since there is money involved people are going to be even more concerned that they are really getting a fair chance to win. That's why I would not do it on an unfinished product.

In the end it is their money and their reputation on the line not mine.

I was just surprised no one has brought this up yet.
None of this matters anyways. Planetside 2 has inferior gunplay/animations/etc when its stacked against any other shooter. It's fun(ish) because its an MMO. The idea that this game could be a serious 'e-sport just because they hired some e-sports has-been to balance weapons is absurd. The tournament will be for hype, period.

This game could even be post release, and a tournament would still be a novelty, because, quite frankly, this game's gunplay is still kind of ass, and the MMO nature makes hit detection and weapons feel retarted.
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