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Re: Meaningful Customization & Balance via Tradeoff Decisions

Well, coming at this again, I think that a specialization should be borne out by the amount of training you've put into it... I was just running with your idea.

I think that limiting active talents should be done only to very general ones that anybody can unlock at certain battleranks.

So you get a few basic universal talent skill lines (not as much as a tree) that you can train up. Basic and useful stuff, that only a certain number of which can be active at any given time (this would be where 5 would be reasonable). Everybody can get them assuming they are the required BR. Everybody can train them, it is up to the person to decide which ones they want to have active at any given moment.

You can train other stuff, specialized or not and your hours, weeks, months, years of training isn't hampered by an artificial limitation on how much of your accumulated skillpoints can come into play at any given moment.

Doesn't seem fair to have a limit on which skills you've trained are available to you (aside from ones that do not apply to any given piece of equipment... cycler skills won't count towards your RoF when you're holding an MCG).

So my own way of letting players utilize their whole body of trained skills (which they have put a lot of time into) is to have common pool skills at certain BR which are geared to different playstyles. These common pool skills would have a low skillpoint threshold. A person could only have a small number of them activated at a time. These would act as a "session" specialization, as in, if you are planning on playing one night with a specialized playstyle, you could suit up with the ones relevant to that playstyle. They could be swapped out when you needed to switch to a different playstyle.

My own belief (and summary) is that you need to be able to use the skillpoints you've invested when they relate to the action/activity you are trying to engage in.
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