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Re: [PSA] What are your top 3 bases or outposts in PlanetSide 2?

No. I'm saying they are NOT battle of attrition! lol.

They reason a fast attack works is because you hit them so damn hard, so damn fast, that they can't react and you put them in a position they can recover from while you have all the momentum. Maybe that's a better term to use. Its all about getting the momentum of battle on your side. The picture still works. Its just that you are engaging so rapidly that they start on their back foot.

As soon as momentum is broken, its all about keeping power on the line. You can try to make a push to regain momentum (most commonly as MAX crash or a LA blitz). Its not attrition because the number of dead doesn't matter. No one is going to wear down because of losses.

I think we are in agreement but are having communication issues.
Azzzz sucks!

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