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Re: [PSA] What are your top 3 bases or outposts in PlanetSide 2?

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No. I'm saying they are NOT battle of attrition! lol.

They reason a fast attack works is because you hit them so damn hard, so damn fast, that they can't react and you put them in a position they can recover from while you have all the momentum. Maybe that's a better term to use. Its all about getting the momentum of battle on your side. The picture still works. Its just that you are engaging so rapidly that they start on their back foot.

As soon as momentum is broken, its all about keeping power on the line. You can try to make a push to regain momentum (most commonly as MAX crash or a LA blitz). Its not attrition because the number of dead doesn't matter. No one is going to wear down because of losses.

I think we are in agreement but are having communication issues.
Gonna give you a quick run down on how to take biolab.

First and foremost, you need to capture 2 outpost....2 ,has to be 2, if this means you need to fight down another lane before you can make your move into the bio lab then you have to do it."most cases it dose" they also have to be on different sides of the biolab,"its not always a outpost that you can capture due to links".In this case you will use that base as a staging point, weather you own it or not.....This forces the enemy to split its defenders.

Next ,from your week side"the outpost or base from which plan to you push your diversion in from" you telegraph a max crash, or very large zerg push ,and cause the enemy to over shift." very common mistake".The idea of this push is to make lots of noise and draw lots of fire, you want all these attackers to die.because when they do die they are dropping in on a beacon back on strong side to make a 2 sided push from the air pad and the teleporter room.

Next,the 2 sided push from your strong side should push in from the weakest location" if everyone is looking at the spawn room then they push from the pad, if they are watching the pad then the first push comes form the teleporter.As soon as they draw fire, the second push follows to flank" from the teleporter or the pad".

Once inside the only room you should be concerned with is the gen room.Gen room is a cake walk to hold, so when the gen blows you move for the small building in front of the gen room so you can get eyes on the spawn gen. Never ever leaving the main gen room undefended. This is now your staging point, loss of the main gen room is a lost bio lab.

Next, once your setup in the main gen room, and in the small room in front of that,then its time for another push, nade spike the spawn gen room from the small building, easy kills for days, 4 av nades in there and everyone is dead.

After that it turns into a simple spawn camp.... you can do this all day everyday.It should take you no longer then 5 mins to take a biolab, but it has to executed fast. Not many outfits or factions can pull it off.Its just one of many ways it can be done.

Its a easy win if you have a good outfit thats knows what needs to be done.

But then again, you could always just zerg into the breach, and make it into a war of attrition,and hope for the best. But I like good fair fights, so I choose tactics

I understand where your coming from and others, its a shitty way to fight in a bio lab, just going non stop until one faction has enough pop to steamroll its way to a win.

lol I now love every outpost that is underground on armerish, such good fights. props to cleg

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