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Re: Are these parts adequate for my new custom-made PC?

Originally Posted by Rbstr View Post
That question is obviously rhetorical: I've got full terabyte disks. If I've got a 128gb for boot I've got to continually shuffle things around. Because, if I don't put it on the SSD, what was the point in the first place?

I can deal with Skyrim or my old Borderlands install booting up "slow" the first time when I leave it alone for months or a year. But downloading it again? That's hours.

The cache is absolutely seamless. There's no management involved. In fact, it can speed up a greater number of programs per size, because it doesn't need to put the whole thing on it.

Half a tb is about what I'd need right now. Shelling out $400 for that, yeah right.
Ah right, I see the problem. You're only supposed to put the things with significant load time on the SSD. Things like music, videos and such can stay on the HDD.

Isn't booting up "slow" the first time a seam? I think I'd definitely consider a noticeable drop in performance a seam.

As for your needs, maybe they aren't everyone's needs.
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