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Re: Are these parts adequate for my new custom-made PC?

Originally Posted by Vancha View Post
Mobo: I'd bring it down to the Z75 Pro3. I'm pretty sure all you lose is SSD caching (using an SSD as the cache for your HDD instead of as a separate drive, I doubt you'll miss it).

I'd change the PSU to a different brand, with a lower capacity (500-550w, let me know if you need suggestions).

The only other questions would be what you want vs what you need. Do you need the additional HDD space? Otherwise you could get a nice 128GB SSD for $10 more (the $10 you saved on the mobo). Same with the case. Are you getting it because you like it and want to splash out (cases being able to house multiple rigs over the years)? If so, that's cool, but it's way beyond what you need if necessity is all you're concerned with.
Yeah, SSDs aren't really much of a consideration for me for the time being. Sure the speed is wonderful, but they're just so pricey for so little space provided. I guess I don't really need a whole TB more of HDD space either, I could settle for 500GB. I'll mainly be using it to store games (cause I have several hundreds of GBs of games...) but 1 TB is excessive. I was attracted to the case after I saw a product demonstration video of it. The features it has seem really quite useful, like the holes used for easy wire organization, the easily removable front plate for dusting, and the HDD docking system. The window is a secondary thing, but it is admittedly a plus. And like you said, I could easily re-use it as I upgrade/build rigs in the future cause it is quite spacious. I'll think some more about the case. And regarding the other MoBo, looks like the only thing missing from the Z75 is an IR Header. I assume that's the SSD caching.

What PSUs would you recommend?

Thanks, Goku, for the RAM suggestion. That's saved me a few bucks.

Edit: The cheapest 500GB HDD I can find that has a decent review is only $10 less than the 1 TB HDD. Doesn't seem worth it to cut the capacity in half for a mere $10.
The debate is over.

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