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Re: # Types Of Vehicles.

I believe it is best to focus on a lesser amount of vehicles, but with more opportunity for customization.

A lot of vehicles in the original Planetside seemed like clutter to me - the Thunderer made the Deliverer obsolete IMO. Plus, the Harasser and the ATV seemed to have no particular purpose other than getting around quickly - they weren't really EFFECTIVE against any medium, whether it be vehicular/infantry. With customization in mind, each vehicle can be used multipurpose-fully with tactics in mind, rather than pulling another vehicle suited for a particular situation, you can just swap your weapon rather than having all your current occupants dismount.

In summary, many of the vehicles we have seen in Planetside have been consolidated into one with a much more, as i believe, a focused vision in mind. Each vehicle will be just as effective as the last, therefore you would want to get the most out of each rather than cluttering the battlefield with useless vehicles.

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