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Re: Can SOE confirm a cinematic for Planetside 2?

Originally Posted by Knocky View Post
Let me be the first to say....don't waste resources on a once-viewed video. Waste them on loading animations.
Okay, this got a LOL from me, followed quickly by a "hell yeah!"

If you make loading animations, that's just one more arsenal for machinima fans to make awesome *in-game* trailers, if you want to look at it from a marketing perspective.

That said, I think once-viewed videos are a powerful marketing tool, too. Especially if they're exciting enough to be thrice-viewed videos or more. This doesn't necessarily require one to call up the CG animators and drop a load of cash, SWTOR style, though. If your gameplay's awesome enough, and you can cut it together with a compelling narration/narrative, that's equally as good, and sometimes better. And definitely more cost-effective.
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