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Re: Can SOE confirm a cinematic for Planetside 2?

Originally Posted by headcrab13 View Post
I agree.

I can't think of any other MMO where there's actually an animation for climbing onto your mount or into a vehicle. I think this will really put PS2 above all its competitors, FPS or otherwise.

That being said, if they have time to do a cinematic also, I'd love to see it and share it around to my friends!
I haven't played many MMO's, but I was messing around with Lord of the Rings Online a few months back and it had animations for getting into your horse. Of course the horse did just suddenly appear next to you right before you got on it, but there was an animation.

I love animations. It's actually one of the few reasons I used to think the comparisons between Halo and Planetside weren't completely unjustified and that it was one of the few things that both games shared that were legitimately great improvements between them and other games.

It won't ruin Planetside 2 for me without them, but if and when they add them back, it will make me very, very happy.
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