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1st reason why the VS sucks:
I went on one of their forums and the two main topics of disccusion was A. porn, B.pen n paper RPG, and finally(and i must say the worst in my book)Final Fantasy in other words, they are the apitame(sp) of geekdome and perversion

2nd reason why the VS sucks:
Every one knows(atleast the smarter ones do) that balistics KICK LASERS AZZ out of the WAzoo. I mean come on!!! would you be more frighten of a MAX with gatling guns/missles on them, or of some giant metalic pogo stick with a little laser pee shooter. I must say that the VS MAX does look good, but i dont think it will perform better than the others.

3rd reason why VS sucks:
Their jeep looks like a mutha fucking hovering convertable from the 50's with rocket boosters and a laser...Now why would anyone want to go around in that? Another thing, their tank has a a big o'l ram on the front of it...WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!!?! a ram!!!!! and thats no 150 mm cannon its carring...its, yup youguested it! A LASER...a lil insignifigant laser....

4th reason why VS sucks:
After I read this topic Ive found out that the VS care a lot on style...Well answer me this...which would win.... A big ugly mutha fucka from alabama that eats his meat raw and drinks the blood of the inosecnes(sp), or that anal lover named Fabio?!?!?!?!?! huh huh!!! Apparently fabio and all his so called "style" would be torn limb from limb!!! What im trying to say is, WHO FUCKING CARES ABOUT STLYE!!!! Its all about death, mayhem, and destruction....

Final Reason why vanu sucks:
Their fire power is all mediocore... They have no bfg that will blast the shit out of you...nooooo they use "lasers" to buffet "beams of heated light" at you at a rally fast speed....WTF?!?!?! SO? while their doing that we'll just blast em with a rocket....jesus christ...Vanu... hahahha Fuck you

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