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Re: PlanetSide 2 Comm-Link Art

It's possible that the "empire specific light fighter" and the "mosquito" are the same thing... with each empire having a physically different version, sharing the same name. There might even be a common pool variant floating around.

As for the Mag turret... that dome shaped thing in the back might be able to raise up a bit and rotate. The big gray plate on the front of the dome could easily be Where The Gun Goes. Just reviewed the debut trailer... the done was too low to rotate there too.

If I'm right, then the other gray spots could be mounting locations for Other Things. Armor add ons, thrusters, sensors, maybe some tertiary weaponry (a claymore-type deal on either side that the driver can trigger, for example).

The lip above the forward gun on the Mag leads me to believe that it can point upward fairly high, similar to the Mag in PS1.

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